We offer a range of courses based on your Requirements

100% Money Back Guarantee course

If you do not get your score in two attempts, then you get a full refund of your money. You can pay by debit card, credit card or cash. We are open Monday to Friday. Students will be able to attend any one session and students will be able to start on any Monday.


Peace of mind Guaranteed

Online Access to content 24*7

We provider access to our custom built portal which can be accessed 24*7 for practice

PTE training

Safe Money Investment

Invest money on your future and if it fails to get you the results. you get all of it back.
How about that?


Our students and results speak more then enough about us

Non-Money Back Courses

These courses are non-money back courses which go on weeks to week bases

2 Weeks Course

With this you get 2 weeks of classes and 3 weeks of access to online portal

4 Weeks Course

with this you get 2 options either go with 4 weeks of classes and 4 weeks of access or 4 weeks of classes and 3 months of online access

Unlimited Course

Unlimited classes and access to the portal

Unlimited classes for PTE

Tired of getting low score in PTE?
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